Phylloxera epidemic, the age of  wine adulterations, the dictate of Trianon, the Great Depression, the losses of the World War II and the practical realization of Communism which Hungarians found themselves confronted with, completely destroyed the ties of the generation of the late 80’s, longing for building,  to the culture of their predecessors.

The last hundred years almost entirely transformed our relationship to the preceding centuries, so it is not easy to understand their message. The thoughts of past generations in old books remain without interpretations. The built heritage of past generations around us is not respected. The work of past generations seems to be futile.

The work carried out in recent years has shown a lot of people inside and outside the profession that Tokaji wine had not been celebrated by European intellectuals for no reason in the past centuries. That was enough to demonstrate the potentials of the superior Tokaj terroir through wine qualities. Besides refining our own intellect and understanding, it is also able to mark our way back to the wine world.

There is a professional revolution going on in the wine region. We are living the period of the interpretation of terroirs and wines. We are measuring the power of our movements and our possibilities. Meanwhile, we are changing, and through this transformation we are getting connected to a distant heritage imperceptibly. On the basis of this connection we could re-establish the continuity essential to creation.

Tokaj Foundation was established with the aim to help people living and working here, in the extent of its opportunities, realize and understand the message of our environment sent from the past and to facilitate them in conceiving and fulfilling their dreams.

The managers of Tokaj Foundation believe that Tokaj Wine Region is one of the pillars of the world’s wine culture, where wines are produced to delight the entire humankind.